Auto Insurance Quotes for High-Risk Drivers

It is okay not to have a perfect driving record. Many drivers have points for speeding tickets and other minor traffic violations. However, you may find it difficult to get affordable auto insurance quotes if you are classified as a high-risk driver. Although you should know in advance if you receive this classification, you may learn about it when you try to buy a new policy.

Defining "High-Risk" Drivers

Being classified as this type of driver can be difficult to change. It can take as long as seven years to get points removed from your driving record. That is seven years of paying much higher rates for required insurance. Insurers traditionally consider the following to be higher risk than other drivers:

» • Suspended or Revoked License - there are many reasons you can lose driving privileges, not all of them related to driving. For example, your license can be suspended if you fail to pay child support as established by the courts. It is possible even this can have an adverse effect on your ability to get cheaper auto insurance quotes.
» • Age - both the young and old are often viewed by insurers as high-risk drivers even if they maintain good driving records.
» • Bad Driving Record - depending on your state laws, a single DUI or DWI can get you classified as a high-risk driver. Having a history of being a bad driver is one of the main factors insurers consider when setting policy rates.

Insurers may have additional criteria they use to determine if a driver is high risk or not. You can ask your insurer how they make that decision if you believe your rates have increased because you have been designated as this type of driver.

Getting Coverage

Many insurers will not sell you a policy if you are a high-risk driver. For those that do, you may find you simply cannot afford a policy based on the auto insurance quotes you receive. Consider the following solutions when you are a high-risk driver, need a policy, and require lower rates:

» Find High-Risk Insurers - there are insurance companies that specialize in policies for high-risk drivers. You will have to pay higher premiums, but you can still get a policy.
» Look for Discounts - even as a high-risk driver, you are eligible for discounts offered by insurers. You want to buy a policy from the insurer with the most discounts you are qualified to receive.
» Increase Deductibles - a simple way to pay lower premiums is to request higher deductibles on all of your coverage options. If you are a high-risk driver because of bad driving, be sure you have sufficient funds to cover the costs of an accident, including paying the higher deductible.
» Shop Around - use quotes to compare your options. See what rates several insurers offer before you choose a policy to purchase.

It is clear how auto insurance quotes can help if you have been deemed a high-risk driver. You need to see what types of policies are available from different insurers. Then compare rates to find a policy you can afford.


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