Auto Insurance Quotes for Different Coverage Options

Saving money on insurance is highly desirable. You likely have a long list of things you would rather spend your money on. One way to pay lower premiums is to use auto insurance quotes to compare rates of competing insurers. Before you buy a policy, you must first determine the type of coverage you need as well as the amount of coverage you can afford.

Required Coverage

Every state has a minimum amount of coverage you are required to maintain at all times you own a vehicle. In most cases, a liability policy is sufficient to meet state minimum requirements. Liability coverage pays for bodily injuries and property damage you cause to a third party. It does not cover your own expenses if you are at fault.

Liability amounts, typically written in 10/25/30 form, include the maximum paid to any one person injured (in this case, $10,000), the maximum combined costs for bodily injuries ($25,000), and the maximum for property damages per accident ($30,000). You can contact your state's insurance department or bureau of motor vehicles to learn the amount of coverage you need to buy.

Most Common Options

In addition to liability, there are other options you can consider when you request auto insurance quotes. Generally, a policy that provides solid financial protection includes the following options:

» Collision - pays for damages to your vehicle that is the result of colliding with something other than another vehicle.
» Comprehensive - reimburses for repairs when your vehicle is damaged by severe weather or other non-vehicle cause. It also protects against theft and fire.
» PIP - Personal Injury Protection takes care of medical bills not covered on liability and might also help pay for lost wages as a result of a car accident.
» Uninsured/Underinsured - more states are requiring this coverage which helps cover your expenses if you are hit by someone with no or insufficient coverage.

Although these are considered "discretionary," there are situations in which you may be required to purchase one or several of these options. For example, if you finance a car purchase, your lender will probably require you to maintain collision and comprehensive as well as liability coverage for the term of the loan.

Additional Options

There are other coverage options you might want to consider for additional financial protection. You should be able to get information on these when you get auto insurance quotes.

» Medical Payments - unlike PIP, medical payments coverage will pay for your medical bills even if you are at fault. For drivers with limited health insurance, this coverage can be especially beneficial.
» GAP - only drivers paying a car note may need this coverage option. It pays the difference between what your full coverage policy pays for a stolen or totaled vehicle and what you still owe to your lender.
» Rental - for drivers who travel a lot or rely on their vehicle to earn a living, rental car reimbursement can make sure you always have funds for reliable transportation.
» Emergency Road Service - although some insurers offer this coverage for free, most require a nominal fee to include it on your policy.

The sooner you request auto insurance quotes, the sooner you can increase your coverage at affordable rates. It takes less than one minute to request quotes from licensed insurers. After reviewing offers, you can be approved for a policy the same day.


Auto Insurance Quotes for Different Coverage Options

Before requesting auto insurance quotes, you should determine the type of coverage you need and how much coverage you can afford. Learn about coverage options and policy add-ons that can provide extra protection.

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